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Rusty's Bike Shops Customised AssSaver

Rusty's Bike Shops Customised AssSaver

For all those All-Weather Cyclists… Are you tired of wet and muddy marks on both your bib shorts and plush jerseys but don't want to fit a less than aerodynamic mud guard to your ride that impacts your wattage....


Simply fold and slide the Ass Saver underneath your seat… It really couldn't be simpler!!


Whats more, if the sun does decide to make an appearance then roll it back up to fit in your jersey pocket or carrying pouch… #Simples!!


We only have a limited number available so feel free to get in touch or swing into the WorkShop and see these beauties with your own eyes!!


  • Buy one for £10
  • Buy two for £18
  • Buy three for £24


*Made from 100% recycled plastic

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